Use WeChat Advertising to Drive Measurable Results

WeChat advertising is an effective way to boost followers in the early stages. This form of advertising is only available to companies with a WeChat Official Account. You should create a good amount of content to ensure that you keep your followers after having them arrive on your account prior to launching an advertising campaign.

WeChat provides three advertising options for verified accounts: Moments Ads, Account Ads, and KOL Ads.

WeChat Moments Ads: These advertisements are shown in the users’ WeChat Moments, which is similar to the Facebook Newsfeed. The minimum budget for activating Moment Ads is $50,000 RMB (approximately $7,500 USD). This can be somewhat flexible depending on the company applying to purchase advertisements. This money can then be spent to purchase ads with a variety of targeting options. The price of the ads varies depending on the cities and target audience group.

WeChat Banner Ads: This is a flexible and cost-effective approach. You can target a specific target audience and these type of ads offer both CPC and CPM pricing models. Again the minimum price to activate the advertiser account and purchase these ads is RMB 50,000 (approximately USD $7,500)

The advertisement is shown at the bottom of the articles of WeChat official accounts with high subscription and view rates. As these types of ads have a CPC model, they can be a stable way to grow your WeChat presence.






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