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QR Code & Personalized Menu

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QR Code

Personalized Engagement

Parllay pushes the specified message after the user scans the code to follow the official account, creating a familiar feeling of home, increasing user stickiness and enhancing user loyalty.

Identify Users Sources

Parllay puts a tag on the user who scanned the code to follow the official account, accurately identifying the source of the user, and promoting the precise marketing in the later stage.

Detailed Data Analysis

Parllay covers detailed analysis of individual QR codes, multiple QR codes and scan results in a specific time, and supports export

Powerful Operating Platform

Group Management

Group management of QR code

Real-time Edit

Modify QR code information and tags at any time

Custom Scene Value

Custom input scene values

Personalized Logo and Watermark

Add logo – watermark – set the foreground color

Batch Operation

Create or import QR codes in batches

Support Search

Search for QR code by the name

Identify Users Sources & Precise marketing by channel

Effectively reduce conversion costs

Scan the code to experience

Parllay vs WeChat Official Accounts Platform

Core Abilities


WeChat OA Platform

QR code application scenario


After the user scans the code, the official account automatically pushes the store introduction and WiFi information, etc.

Scenic spot

After the user scans the code, the official account automatically pushes the spot introduction and the tour route.


Different QR codes can be assigned to different branches, and activities in different regions can be accurately pushed.


Use different QR codes in different channels and count the number of users brought by each channel

Personalized Menu

Parllay personalized menu helps the account operator seize the needs of users. Show different menus to different types of users, provide differentiated personalized precision services for these users, and create the ultimate user experience.

Different genders, different menus

Create male and female personalized custom menus based on user gender. Displaying makeup, skin care, shopping tips and other information for female users, while male users entering the official account will see sports and fitness, game raiders related content.

Different regions, different menus

Create personalized menus by region, and send different messages to users according to different regions.

Different languages, different menus

Display different menus for different users according to the language to solve problems caused by language barriers.

Different tags, different menus

Create different menus based on different WeChat tags, manage different users with different menus.

Different clients, different menus

According to the mobile phone system, users who use Android can directly download to the Android app by clicking the menu, and the user using the Apple mobile phone can directly download the app for the ios version.

Personalized menus support screening users based on a variety of criteria, including gender, region, language, WeChat tags, and client systems, and support single-choice and multi-select.


How many QR codes can Parllay create?

With Parllay, you can create 100,000 QR codes, which is enough for your business operations.

What's the difference between WeChat tags and the platform tags?

WeChat QR code supports data analysis by channel. The platform QR code can click to jump, and does not support analyzing data by channel.

How to tag the people who scan different qr codes differently?

When creating a single QR code, you can choose to tag the QR code with the platform tags. Platform tags need to be created in advance in Customer Management – Platform Tag Management.

Does Parllay have a single QR code analysis report?

Yes, Parllay supports single QR code data queries. Select the QR code you want to view in Advanced Analysis – WeChat Events – QR Code Scan.

Does the personalized menu affect the presentation of the normal menu?

No, personalized menus will only be shown to users who meet the set criteria, others see the normal menu.

How many personalized menus can an official account set?

There is of limit to the number of personalized menus that can be set by Parllay, which you can set according to your operational needs.


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