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Integrate WeChat with HubSpot By Parllay

Parllay enables you to tie your HubSpot CRM to WeChat users to see who they are,
what they have done in your WeChat Official Account and empower HubSpot Marketing Hub to engage with them.

Specialized HubSpot Solution and Service For China


As HubSpot Gold Solution Partner in China as well as so far the first and only App Partner who provide the WeChat integration solution, Parllay provide a series of specialized services and solutions to help you boost business growth in China.
Leverage Parllay’s expertise, bilingual Tech Support, and our software to integrate your WeChat OA with HubSpot.

HubSpot Pre-sale Consluting

Help you to choose the right fit HubSpot subscription

HubSpot Onboarding & Support

Provide mandarin Onboarding, support for HubSpot operation and implementations

HubSpot-WeChat Integration

Parllay software to integrate HubSpot with WeChat OA

most popular Features

For HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub

Create Contacts from WeChat OA

4 ways to generate leads among WeChat users and create contacts in for HubSpot CRM database

Sync Wechat User activity to crm timeline

See every WeChat activities of your WeChat leads and customers in the Contact Profile of your HubSpot CRM

extend Hubspot Workflow to WeChat

Extend HubSpot workflow to trigger WeChat message or update customers' WeChat properties to bring close-loop personalized experience

Consulting & SUPPORT

Get tech-support to accelerate the integration, consulting services, or Parllay Onboarding for WeChat marketing strategy


Parllay WeChat-CRM+ marketing automation helps you auto generate leads among the users on your WeChat Official Account, and auto create contacts for WeChat users who are qualified for marketing / sales in HubSpot CRM database.

4 ways to generate leads and synchronize to HubSpot:

  • by WeChat user activities
  • by WeChat users leaving the contact information(email/phone) during engagements
  • by WeChat users' form submission from landing page
  • by manually input/modify the contact properties of WeChat users


The WeChat properties, like openID, head, nickname, geographic location, and tags, will be synced to the Contact Profile. It can be directly searched in HubSpot CRM to view and manage the leads from WeChat.

All activities of your leads or customers in WeChat OA will be shown in contact’s timeline, like hit the menu bar, scanning QR code, replying keywords, etc. 

Hubspot-wechat integration

Experience The Integration Now !

Open WeChat – > Scan QR code – > Subscribe Parllay OA – > Experience the WeChat Leads Generation Journey


Parllay workflow enables HubSpot workflow to sending WeChat messages to contacts, expands a way of leads nurturing except for through EDM;  Once if close the deal in CRM, support to update the customer’s WeChat properties, like tag them or update their life cycle stage on WeChat OA,etc,  to bring the close-loop personalized experience from WeChat marketing to sales.

  • Trigger wechat messages
  • trigger Emails
  • Update WeChat properties from hubspot


Leverage our Customer Success Team professional support and expertise on WeChat and HubSpot via email or conference call.

For any integration required customers who want to get deeper understanding of WeChat related, we will also provide the Onboarding and Training sessions on WeChat marketing strategy.

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The 1st
WeChat - HubSpot Integration Solution

Our Gold Solution Partner Parllay has done an incredible job in capturing the market’s need by developing an integration that helps our HubSpot customers to leverage their WeChat user’s information to drive higher conversion rates and growth for their businesses.
Chiara Gaviraghi
Channel Consultant of Hubspot
Parllay is an important Partner of mine in Beijing who has built a great integration with WeChat and HubSpot which can connect HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub with WeChat to offer incredible experience to our customers.
Delvin CHEW
Senior Channel Account Manager of hubspot

More Questions? We have Answers!

Popular Q&a

HubSpot CRM+Marketing Hub Starter and above versions. However, based on different requirements for integration capability, the requirements for your HubSpot Marketing Hub version will be different. Contact us to choose the right fit Marketing Hub subscription that applies to your integration needs.

Either or both account types can be used.  However, the WeChat marketing and integration capabilities will be different for each account type. Generally, for B2B, the WeChat Service Account  is required. Please contact us for more details.


The integration solution can be both used by free HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub.  However, the capabilities supported by Marketing Hub Starter and above versions are more in-depth.

Refer to the Version Comparison Table below or contact us.

The integration solution has to be based on the complete capability of Parllay software. It is not an independent product and can not be charged separately. It is one of the standard features of Parllay WeChat-CRM.
HubSpot integration capability is included in Parllay Professional / Enterprise version. Parllay price depends on the WeChat Official Account’s number of followers accessing Parllay.  It is charged according to the gradient and charged annually.  The annual cost is starting at 130,000 CNY, contact us for your final quotation.

Yes. Parllay is used for daily management and deep marketing on WeChat, such as WeChat data analysis, targeted push, web-tracking, personalized menu and QR code,etc. Through Parllay- workflow, WeChat users who are marketing/sales qualified leads will auto sync to HubSpot CRM. Through HubSpot, it can be further converted into sales opportunities until close the deal, so that realizing the closed-loop from website + WeChat marketing to sales and even after-sales.

However, no matter Parllay or HubSpot, through the automation capabilities of the two platforms, from engagement with WeChat users to nurturing and then to sync of HubSpot, it only needs once configuration, then the whole marketing efforts on WeChat can be running automatically. So there is no need to invest too much time and efforts on the operation of the two platforms at the same time. And HubSpot would be the main operation in a long-term.

No. HubSpot WeChat Integration is one of the standard features of Parllay software. We provide standard configuration process and initialization configuration service. It only takes 3 mins to connect your WeChat OA and HubSpot portal, which is very convenient for your marketers to get started, operate and use.


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