Solutions Partner Program

Boost Growth for Marketing Agency in WeChat Ecosystem!

Join Parllay Solutions Partner program and get software and marketing expert support, the world’s unique WeChat-HubSpot integrated solution and leading WeChat marketing automation solution to help you become a partner your clients can’t live without.

As HubSpot Verified Gold Partner in China, Parllay provide a series of unique services to boost business growth in China.
Leverage Parllay’s expertise and Tech Support in Chinese and English to integrate WeChat with HubSpot.

Parllay WeChat Suite

Since launched in 2015, Parllay WeChat Suite has been serving more than 40 top-tier global brands and winning the trust of global agency groups, WPP, IPG, HAKUHODO as well as independent agencies.

So far in 2019, more than 20 brands from Europe/U.S./Middle East have chosen to use HubSpot-WeChat-Integration solution offered by Parllay to successfully achieve stable and large-scale growth in WeChat ecosystem.

WeChat CRM

Manage WeChat OA menu, QR code, and track WeChat follower’s behaviors from WeChat OA, to Mini Proagram and Websites. Build stronger relationship by single customer view .

Popular Features

HubSpot - WeChat OA Integration

WeChat OA Follower Management

WeChat Content Targeting

WeChat Marketing Automation

Create personalized journey for WeChat followers to achieve customer nurture, remarketing in different scenarios from WeChat OA, Mini Program to Websites and increase conversion rates.

Popular Features

Design Customer Journey by Workflow

Cross-Platform Engagement

Conversion and Customized Dashboard

Are you a good fit?

The Solutions Partner Program is designed for agencies who has become HubSpot partners,  and other digital agencies whose clients are seeking for a hubspot wechat marketing solution to grow their business. It’s a good fit if your business:

WeChat Marekting Strategy

Provides consulting on WeChat marketing automation, WeChat e-commercial, WeChat live or customer service strategy.

HubSpot-WeChat Integration

Provides tech implementation that handles WeChat-HubSpot integrations, or IT services.

Exclusive Pricing

Provide exclusive price for Parllay WeChat Suite, and more referral leads in Parllay solutions partner networks.

How to be a Solutions Partner

Our Solutions Partner Program promises to help agencies who are completely new to WeChat Ecosystem from building WeChat CRM to fully mastering WeChat marketing automation with hands-on training and operation consulting. We ask our partners to deepen understanding WeChat OA by using Parllay WeChat Suite.

To become a Solutions Partner you need

Interested in using Parllay WeChat Sutie

Complete Parllay WeChat Suite onboarding

Grow robustly in WeChat Ecosystem

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