WeChat CRM - People-oriented marketing concept

The core of marketing is that companies gain insight into consumer needs and create consumer value. The central point of marketing is the consumer, the starting point is the consumer’s demand, and the purpose of marketing is to create consumer value. Everything in marketing is inseparable from consumers, which is in line with the people-oriented philosophy. Only people-oriented, consumer-centric marketing activities will gain long-term value.

WeChat marketing is an online marketing method that has emerged along with the popularity of WeChat. WeChat marketing is divided into community marketing and WeChat official accounts marketing. Community marketing is suitable for companies that need to manage their customers in groups, not universal marketing. WeChat official accounts marketing has become a WeChat marketing method suitable for most companies due to its content communication and customer management.

People-oriented is the user-centric in the official account. In a big way, users involve new users and old users. Differentiating new users and old users is the first step in people-oriented.
For new users, what we have to do is to attract and prevent leaving. If the user receives the same welcome message and content after following the WeChat official account, such an account will not be impressed. However, if the user receives a customized content that is highly relevant to his/her information after ollowing the WeChat official account, such an account has created an unforgettable first impression. If the account later sends high-quality content that can be of interest to the user, most of the users will not leave. How to create an unforgettable first impression? Through WeChat CRM software, according to the interest of users or customers, tags, interaction, gender, location, life cycle, transaction data, etc., realize personalized interaction in different marketing activities, and create a unique 1:1 communication experience.

For the old user, what we have to do is maintaining, and also prevent leaving. The maintenance of old users is definitely not a regular push article, with interactive maintenance can greatly improve the user’s stickiness and loyalty. Interaction involves personal communication. In other words, we send content or activities to old users that are consistent with her/his needs. Such content will not be offensive and will not be harassed. Of course, personalized custom content also does not allow the user to have the illusion of being snooped, which requires timely delivery of the correct content at the right time. With WeChat CRM software, companies can create appropriate personalized content for users based on user tags, lifecycles, behavioral trajectories, etc., and strengthen relationship maintenance.

The people-oriented marketing concept requires us to have a deep and clear understanding of the official account users, which requires the use of professional and powerful software tools to create customer profile and effectively manage customers. Regularly pushing content without targeting is only a huge waste of time and resources.






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