WeChat CRM Customer Nurturing Guide

There are three objectives for customer nurturing. One is to nurture potential customers into factual customers, the second is to nurture small customers into large customers, and the third is to nurture customers into long-term loyal customers.
Targeted content for customers at different stages, sales conversion rate and repurchase rate can be increased by more than 30%.
nurture customers mainly through content development.
Content nurturing potential customers, to provide appropriate content at the right time for different user types, to pull potential customers into the purchase journey, and ultimately to purchase. On the one hand, attracting potential customers through attractive content. On the other hand, through the content, the submarine is introduced into the next stage of the sales funnel, and sales are accelerated and finally purchased.
Providing the right content is based on insight and understanding of the potential. The more you know about your customers, the more content you provide will be in line with their needs, and the easier it will be to achieve the goal of content marketing. For customers in WeChat official account, we understand a lot of ways, basic information to understand gender, city and other basic information; behavior track to understand the activities of WeChat, determine hobbies; tags and interactive tracks to understand customer behavior and sales stage.
By nurturing small customers into large customers through content, we need to continuously input product benefits to our customers, so that they will always keep their enthusiasm and expectation for the products. The prerequisite for nurturing is to identify small customers from the user community. The methods of identification include methods such as source identification, purchase behavior tracking, and lifecycle management.
Nurturing a customer into a long-term loyal customer requires us to produce high quality content on a regular basis. The scope of the content should include product feature updates, industry trend insights, customer growth cases, and more.
We want to ensure that our old customers have sufficient reliance and confidence in the long-term use of the products after receiving our content, satisfying the added value brought by the products and emulating other successful customers.
Nurturing customers is to identify customers at different stages of sales, and to provide appropriate content for each type of users in a targeted manner. Such content marketing is effective.






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