WeChat CRM can improve your business in 4 ways

According to statistics released by Tencent in 2019, as of the end of last year, the number of active users of WeChat has exceeded 1 billion. The user-friendliness and numerous features of the app make it a favorite of consumers for business and personal use. In fact, after WeChat significantly upgraded its membership card capabilities, more and more brands are integrating WeChat data with their CRM systems. However, this integration is not without challenges.
WeChat CRM Solution.

1. Enhance the analysis of followers and understand your audience
Gain insight into follower behavior and use smart tags to categorize users based on user behavior and optimize interaction with users. Get rid of the “one message fits everyone” mentality and use tags to send customized content to a specific group of followers.

2. Improve user management and increase user loyalty
With WeChat’s enhanced membership card feature, you can create a points system that rewards users when they interact with your brand. More importantly, by using a tag management system, you can increase the accuracy of your marketing campaigns. Improved coupon matching information makes it easier to manage your membership.

3. Seamless integration with traditional CRM and e-commerce platforms to gain insight into consumer behavior
Combining WeChat, traditional CRM and e-commerce website data opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Not only can you track the online behavior of your followers, but you can also use social media data to learn more about them.

4, multi-account management, manage all your accounts in the same place
Brands with multiple official accounts can manage them in one place on WeChat CRM – saving time and increasing efficiency.
In the future, WeChat’s Open ID and its user behavior data will create a new consumer insight source for the brand’s CRM database, helping brands and consumers to create more meaningful touch points. In the era of big data, in order for brands to take advantage of opportunities and increase business value, it is necessary to implement effective solutions for managing and utilizing data.






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