Two common mistakes in choosing WeChat CRM system

With the popularity and promotion of WeChat marketing among enterprises, the business value of WeChat official account has become more and more obvious, and enterprises have registered to create their own WeChat official accounts. After a period of operation, many companies found that they could not effectively manage their accounts. The article pushes 4 times a month or once a day obviously cannot maximize the value of WeChat official account. The limited management ability of the official platform cannot satisfy the enterprises’ needs. In the face of increasingly prominent contradictions, many companies are beginning to look for software systems with WeChat official account management capabilities. Choosing management software is not a child’s play. After all, it depends on the management of the customer and the promotion of the business. Many problems need to be considered before choosing the software.

1, Choose the cheapest

Many SMEs strictly control cost expenses. It is difficult to prepay large software usage fees in advance without the absolute profitability. In addition, the awareness of the use of software tools is not common in China, and the cost becomes the first choice factor for software selection.Many people think that the open API interfaces of WeChat official accounts platform are all the same, and the software products developed by software companies according to the interface must not have much difference. In fact, the development of products in open interfaces involves multiple programs, product design, technology development, functional testing, and service maintenance. The product design idea directly determines the ease of use of the product. The depth of technology development directly determines the product’s capability range, and the later maintenance determines the product use support and bug fix. It is not difficult to see that the product experience developed by companies with different qualifications must be different. Price must not be the first choice for software selection. Companies must identify their needs and choose the most cost-effective software.

2, Choose a large company’s products

Many people think that the products developed by large companies must be the best. If you want to use some products, you must choose a well-known company. Large companies, due to the high cost of the company’s operations, mostly choose to expand the product line within limited resources, and do not develop and maintain a single line product. The result is that there is not much advantage in choosing the actual experience of a large company’s software in order to meet the needs of a single WeChat crm. The product usage fee also bears part of the brand premium. For small and micro enterprises that only develop WeChat crm software, because there is not enough money and energy to expand the product line, only one product can be developed in depth. Such single line products often have the best performance. Due to the hard demand for the maintenance of the old customers, the customer’s late technical support and services are also better. Of course, if the company’s needs are not just WeChat crm, then you should choose a wider range of products.






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