Three things you must know about WeChat CRM system

As the “biggest CRM portal on the mobile Internet”, WeChat can not only help enterprises and consumers communicate, but also coordinate within the enterprise. This is due to the WeChat social features and the media attributes and customer management capabilities of the WeChat official account.

1. Definition
WeChat CRM system refers to: WeChat customer relationship management system
WeChat Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is based on the management of WeChat customer data, using IT science and technology to automate and intelligentize marketing, sales, service and other activities, and to establish, analyze, calculate and use customer data. The system helps companies better implement WeChat customer-centric management. Therefore, WeChat customer relationship management is not only a software technology, but also a management concept, which can well cater to the current people-oriented needs.

2. Technical principle
WeChat CRM must first be clearly stated from the business structure. The essence of WeChat CRM is the CRM system that is extended in the WeChat ecosystem by utilizing the characteristics and interfaces of WeChat. The CRM system can be roughly divided into five modules: customer, sales, marketing, service and membership, as well as some subsidiary modules: products, knowledge bases, activities, transactions, statistical reports, and so on. After determining the business structure of WeChat CRM, we can further design specific data models, functional modules and interface docking. To put it simply, the logic structure of WeChat crm is understood, and the open interface of WeChat official accounts platform can be used to design customer management, sales management, marketing management, service management and membership management system.

3. Value
It is not difficult to see from the definition and technical principle that the most important value of WeChat CRM is the customer management and sales management of enterprise. The basis of customer management is the collection and analysis of data, which can be effectively managed based on the basic information obtained and the behavior information tracking. The core of sales management is to improve efficiency and increase conversion rate. Improving efficiency requires the implementation of marketing automation. At present, workflow is the most commonly used tool for marketing automation. It also benefits from effective management of customers and promotion of order and repurchase. 

Therefore, WeChat CRM that meets the needs of enterprises must have two core capabilities, one is the ability to collect and analyze customer data, and then the marketing automation capability.






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