The core competence of WeChat CRM system

CRM is the abbreviation of customer relationship management, which means customer relationship management. WeChat CRM is the WeChat customer relationship management. WeChat CRM system is naturally a system to implement WeChat customer management functions. WeChat customers can be friends in personal WeChat app. This part of CRM is more about community management and community marketing. The other WeChat customers are users of the WeChat official accounts platform. The ecosystem includes subscription account, service account and mini-app, as well as enterprise account, but enterprise account is more similar to mobile office apps that are independent of the WeChat official account. Most enterprise WeChat customer management needs are based on subscription account, service account, and mini-app. What core capabilities are required for a WeChat CRM system that meets the needs of the enterprise?

1. Customer management capability
This ability is a basic requirement for the WeChat CRM system. Customer management is mainly reflected in customer segmentation management, source identification, tag locking and rating function, etc. These functions are closely related to the daily marketing business of the company. An excellent WeChat CRM system must have deep customer management capabilities.

2. Data analysis capabilities
WeChat CRM system brings together all kinds of information and data of users, and these intangible assets are important assets of enterprises. Fully mining the value of data can greatly promote the growth of business. The data analysis capabilities of WeChat CRM system should not only be reflected in the single channel data acquisition and aggregation capabilities, but also in cross-channel, cross-platform data tracking and analysis capabilities.

3. Marketing automation
Automation is always the best choice for efficiency. Due to the huge amount of users, WeChat has become the main position of Internet marketing. The excellent marketing automation capability of WeChat CRM system can help enterprises greatly improve marketing efficiency, increase sales conversion rate and achieve business growth.

4. Integration capability
In addition to WeChat CRM, companies often have other CRM systems for customer management and sales management. To facilitate data cross-inquiry and centralized management, WeChat CRM systems need the ability to integrate with the company’s own CRM system.






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