Start a Loyalty Program On Your WeChat Official Account

Nowadays, loyalty programs are an essential part of a comprehensive approach to forming a long-term relationship with customers. They allow you to recognize the loyalty and consistency of both individual and corporate customers. An emphasis on customers who have been purchasing your products and/or services for one or more seasons is vital to an effective loyalty program. Implementing loyalty programs can be key in successfully using WeChat for business.

In the increasingly competitive business environment in China, it has become crucial to not only please but also retain customers. Consequently, rewards programs have morphed from a nice little extra to something that is absolutely necessary.

According to Collinson Group, 72% of mainland Chinese consumers regard themselves as engaged members of loyalty programs. 72% in comparison to a global negative trend of consumer overall engagement in traditional loyalty programs! The above shows the importance of membership & loyalty strategies in the Chinese market.

Given the above, membership and loyalty programs should become one of your most important WeChat promotion strategies. If you reward your existing loyal customers for their desired behavior, you solidify their loyalty to your brand. You also keep them coming back and motivate them to recommend you to their relatives, friends, and online social circles.

These membership & loyalty programs might be supplemented by:

-Gifting VIP cards to certain customers;
-Sending exclusive promotions and the latest news to all of your followers;
-Granting your customers special coupons, including E-coupons;
-Providing your customers with the right to buy a product or a service at an everyday or -seasonal discount, which will lead to an increase in your revenue;
-From time to time, rewarding your clients with all-inclusive offers and packages.

It is not necessary to have all of your customers enrolled in your loyalty programs. At times, a small cadre of clients generates more than half or more of companies’ sales.






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