WeChat CRM

Brings Personalized Experience to WeChat Official Accounts

  • Find Customers in WeChat Automatically
  • Increase Articles Reading Ratio
  • Drive Growth by Personalization

WeChat User Management

Automatically tracking user behaviors ( menu clicking, QR code scaning,  keywords replying, URL click, etc ) in WeChat Official Account in real-time. Bring deep insights of each WeChat users for marketers, advanced filters to find users.
Powerful than Official, 100% Free to Use

  1. User Attributes: CLC, Interests, Demographic Characteristics
  2. Check WeChat User Engagement In Different Dimension
  3. Save User Data and Provide Template to Download

Basic Workflow And Tags

Using basic workflow to design a unique user journey, Creating personalized engagement and Tagging Users in real-time,  Discover high-value users and do remarketing within 48 hours.

  1. Automatically reply/reply by timeset/interests/CLC/segments in WeChat OA
  2. Personalized reply for QR codes and menus
  3. Perform tasks by customized rules to engage with users

Data Analysis In WeChat

Provide a one-stop data analysis platform for WeChat OA and Mini Programe. Like most anyltics tools, we provide  WeChat user activities, user attribution, Post Funnel, QR code scanning and more than 30 sets of reports and charts in different dimensions  for you to make smart WeChat marketing decisions.

  1. One-stop data analysis for WeChat OA and mini programe
  2. Built in powerful web page tracking ability

Personalized WeChat Engagement

Better user interface to build wechat menus is the basic of Parllay WeChat CRM. We also provide personalized menus for different segments in WeChat, parameter QR codes with personalized replies.

  1. Generate 100,000 parameter QR codes with reports.
  2. Create Personalized Menus which can’t be created in WeChat Official Platform

Push Campaign Management

Push relevant articles to spefic users for WeChat OA with powerful targeting abiliity from genders, locations, tags, CLC, nick name, etc. to improve the reading rate by 2-3 times

  1. Template message is supported
  2. push time up to 3000 times / month for Service Account
  3. Provide Push Funnel anlysis for each campaign to track conversion

Team Collaboration

For Brands who have many team members, you can choose what level of access you want to grant each user. Our user permissions help you to control what people can see and do in the account, so everyone knows what they’re supposed to work on without getting their wires crossed.

  1. Manage Multiple WeChat OAs at the same time in one platform
  2. Administrator can grant different access for user group to increase WeChat OA security


WeChat CRM