Parllay Partner Program

Build Lasting WeChat Data Operations Capabilities

Contect WeChat With Existing Marketing Tools

Become Parllay’s Partner

We provide automated marketing tools for your customer team to improve operational efficiency and get twice the result with half the effort. At the same time, our marketing, technology and data consultants will work out solutions and communicate with you in the face of complex requirements and proposals. All our efforts have been made to help you win more customers and enhance market influence to strive for a perfect digital marketing service to your clients, and we wish to have the opportunity of cooperating with you and reach a win-win business goal.

Upgrade service revenue

With Fenghuotai-wechat CRM, your client team can easily provide services of WeChat data operations, it will not only greatly enhance the marketing agency revenue in WeChat content promotion, creative interaction for the customer at the same time, will also help to improve the customer second year renewal rate of increase of data service.

Reduce service costs by 400%

Fenghuotai automation capabilities and powerful data processing ability, can help marketers in the absence of internal technical support under automatic complete complex tasks more customers to perform artificial team, from the data statistics and analysis to the customer behavior tracking and management.

Win a draft plan

Fenghuotai-wechat CRM Can help customers and planning team to develop a people-based data driven marketing strategy, in each key marketing links to provide data indicators. Competition in the creative at the same time, the use of data advantages to win quickly, won the draft.

Who needs us

  • Traditional marketing service transformation digital marketing
  • Organization Marketing institutions wishing to enhance customer satisfaction
  • A marketing organization that enhances service competitiveness

Who needs us

  • A marketing organization without a technical team
  • Lack of technical resources, unable to respond to customer needs in response to marketing agencies
  • No professional data analyst marketing agency

Who needs us

  • A marketing organization that handles effective marketing needs and has a large amount of data
  • A marketing organization that needs to communicate with the customer’s IT department and multi marketing service providers
  • A marketing organization who specializes in creative planning but lacks data