Bring Personalized Experience to WeChat

  • Nurture Customers in WeChat Official Account
  • Create Customer Journey through WeChat OA + Web + Mini Program
  • Understand Your Customer Across Each Stage in WeChat
  • Connect Your Favorite Marketing Tools

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Connect Wechat · Less Time · Faster Growth

Connect WeChat

Parllay’s workflow can help Brand to solve the problem that existing marketing tool can not connect WeChat.

If you’re using Parllay MA suite, you can save Wechat events for automation in your tool, which can then be used in Parllay’s workflows.

for example, users gets added to an Wechat official account, click a menu, view an article, reply a keyword, tagged by their behaviors or properties etc in Wechat.

WeChat Workflow

Parllay’s workflow is an automated work set which based on a series of user behaviors automatically triggered.
It can help you have a shorter and more efficient sales cycle, scale customer engagement, and above all, measure your marketing efforts on Wechat official account/Mini Program/website/Email.

Marketing Analytics

Help marketers determine which channels and marketing activities provide the most attention and target the most valuable audiences on different customer journeys

  • Understand users’s behavior on Wechat/Mini Program/Website
  • Understand the growth trend of different segments of customer groups
  • Understand users convert trend in different Lifecycle

CRM Integration

Parllay Marketing Automation Suite support integrate with your CRM.

Help you to cut costs and to gain productivity.

You can have consistent messaging without any cracks in the communication.

To approach both new and old customers synchronous and build better relationships.

Connect Wechat · Less Time · Faster Growth

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