Convert WeChat Users Into Your Customers

Parllay’s WeChat Workflow is automation beyond Wechat, So you can customize your customer journey from wechat extending to websites and emails to help you:

  • Discover More Qualified Leads
  • Scale Customer Engagement
  • Nurture Customers in Different Channels
  • Build Stronger Relationship With Your Customers

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Connect Wechat · Less Time · Faster Growth

Set A Complete Customer Journey

Help B2B business to provide continuous nurture for WeChat users and integrate well with existing Marketing tool and CRM system.

Help B2C business to make personalized customer journeys and set a series of trigger rules to achieve personalized engagement based on users’ behaviors cross-platform.

Automate Dozens Of Tasks Beyond Just WeChat

Help you to take care of potential users at different stages of marketing activities, so as to produce actual paid customers or secondary consumption.

  • Give Scores To Leads:Scoring based on user trigger actions
  • Push Content: Based on Wechat/Mini Program (Expending to Email)
  • Webhook:Support hubspot’s Workflow to work in WeChat

Simplified Visual Drag'n Drop Management

Parllay Visual Editor allows you to create workflow easily and in real-time, whether you are building simple subsequent activities or complex, multi-stage, cross-platform customer journeys.

Under the advanced segmentation logic, rule and time routing that are used to determine when to add users into the segmented workflow, and personality content will be pushed based on user’s characteristics or interests.

Nurture Customer In Different Channels

Help you to automate the nurture of tasks for your potential customers whether they engage in WeChat/Mini program/or website. Nurture your potential customers and turn them into consumers and then into brand evangelists.

It can cost anywhere from three to five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

Connect Wechat · Less Time · Faster Growth

      Bring Personalized Experience to WeChat

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