Make Data-Driven Decisions at All Levels for WeChat

Easily create visual reports and dashboards using our marketing analytics tools built for marketers and C levels.

Our analytics helps you learn how users engage with your WeChat Official Accounts, Mini program and web experiences to drive faster growth.

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Understand Your Customer Across Each Stage in WeChat

Map and Measure Customer Journey in WeChat

Understand your customer and their journeies through the workflow and measure key performance metrics across each stage in WeChat+ to inform your overall marketing strategy and trigger the right messages at the right time, as individuals progress from stage to stage.

User Engagement Analysis

Multi-dimensional to learn about your target audiences on their behavior in Wechat,
so you can better tailor your contents to drive results:
  • Demographics and reports based on user tags, behaviors, QR code scanned, menu clicked, a series of user actions inside Wechat.
  • Analysis in terms of of time, Wechat event and type

User Segment Analysis

Understanding users by segmentation.We have three types of chart can be analyzed in terms of time, condition and number of people.

  • Demographics like gender,channel, location, users growth trend.
  • Analysis on user behaviors and tags segmentation
  • Life cycle: customer different purchase status

You learn enough about customers to accurately group them with others who behave and respond in the same fashion.

User Web Tracking

  • Page view on Wechat/Mini Program/Web
  • The number of business actions outside Wechat, such as Ecommerce transactions
  • Cross-platform comparison analysis

Help you to make analysis and decisions from the perspective of the full-platform

Convert Your Client In WeChat+

Find out how Brands to leverage content to understand user needs, create campaigns at scale, convert them to leads at the top of the funnel, and then use that intelligence to turn those leads into payment customers.

  • WeChat Post Funnel Analysis
  • WeChat+Web Campaign Performance
  • WeChat Customer Conversion Analysis by Customer Life Cycle
  • Mini Program Analysis

Understand Your Customer Across Each Stage in WeChat

       Bring Personalized Experience to WeChat

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