Integrate WeChat with your CRM

Parllay Marketing Automation integrates seamlessly with leading marketing platform, Dynamic CRM, Hubspot. Integrate your WeChat, Email, Website for complete customer data and smarter marketing.

  • Identify most valuable customers from WeChat Official Account
  • Achieve marketing automation on WeChat by your favorite workflow

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Connect Your Favorite Marketing Tools

All-in-One CRM

  • The integration of your CRM with Parllay MA suite will help you identify the most valuable customers from WeChat Official Account.


  • Parllay MA Suite can achieve marketing automation on Wechat OA for your clients

Highly Integration Adaptability

  • We can create contacts on your CRM for users from WeChat Official Accont
  • Two-way sync user/contact’s  behaviors between WeChat and your CRM
  • Create customer journey for WeChat users on your CRM
  • Push personalized WeChat OA messages via your CRM

Or we can personalized customization integration solution for you

Data Synchronous Updating

  • Help you to identify sales opportunities among WeChat users
  • synchronize them with your CRM and keep updating.

Let you know how many customers are pay close attention to your Brand from WeChat.

Enhanced Customer Relationship

With integration, you can understand and analyze customer behaviors from WeChat more deeply to ensure your interactions are on those insights so as to provide better service to all of your customers.

Help you in optimizing your customer relationship by providing you a centralized platform with improved customer data.

Connect Your Favorite Marketing Tools

         Bring Personalized Experience to WeChat

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