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Discover leads in WeChat · Convert Users to Clients

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Integrate WeChat with HubSpot By Parllay

Parllay enables you to tie your HubSpot CRM to WeChat users to see who they are,
what they have done in your WeChat Official Account, and empower HubSpot Marketing Tool to engage with them.

Customized HubSpot Service For China

As HubSpot Verified Agency Partner in China, Parllay provide a series of unique services to boost business growth in China.
Leverage Parllay’s expertise and Tech Support in Chinese and English to integrate WeChat CRM with HubSpot.

HubSpot Pre-sale Consluting

Provide advice on which HubSpot products fit best your business needs

HubSpot Operating Support

Provide Chinese support for HubSpot products related questions

HubSpot-WeChat Integration

Provides a software to integrate HubSpot with WeChat

most popular Features

For HubSpot CRM and Marketing Tool

Create Contacts from WeChat

3 ways to discover leads among WeChat users and create contacts in for hubspot CRM automatically

Sync Wechat User timeline to CRM

See every behaviors of your leads and clients even they don't leave email address

Create Workflow for WeChat OA

Extend HubSpot workflow to WeChat Official Account to bring personalized experience

Consulting & SUPPORT

Get tech-support to accelerate the integration and consulting services for WeChat operation strategy

Create Contacts from WeChat

Create HubSpot contacts by forms and conversations, so you can create contacts in WeChat OA when you engage with them

  • by user behaviors
  • by email address in chatting
  • by forms from web page


nickname, location, gender and interests tag of WeChat user will be added to the contact of HubSpot

all important engagements of your leads or clients in WeChat will be shown in contact’s timeline, like clicking wechat menu, scanning QR code, replying keywords. 

Hubspot-wechat integration

Scan to Experience HubSpot on Wechat

Open WeChat – > Scan QR code – > Follow Parllay OA – > Experience Lead Discovering Journey


Create personalized engagement for your WeChat Official Account to  discover & nurture leads by using workflow to convert them to clients

  • Trigger wechat messages
  • trigger Emails


Leverage our Customer Success Team professional support and expertise on WeChat and HubSpot via email or conference call

For any integration clients who want to get deeper  understanding of wechat related

Trusted by HuSpot​

The 1st
WeChat - HubSpot Integration Solution

Our Agency Partner Parllay has done an incredible job in capturing the market’s need by developing an integration that will help our HubSpot clients to leverage their WeChat user’s information to drive higher conversion rates for their businesses.
Chiara Gaviraghi
Channel Consultant of Hubspot
Parllay is a partner of mine in Beijing who has built a great integration with WeChat and HubSpot which can connect Hubspot growth platform with WeChat to offer incredible experience to our clients.
Bryan Cawse
Agency Partner Manager Asia of HubSpot

Questions? We have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

We support HubSpot CRM and Marketing tools. Whether they are free or paid versions, they can manage Wechat official account. However, because the HubSpot paid version has more functions, the ability to integrate with Wechat will be different.

We support the WeChat subscription account and service account, which will vary in the details of the implementation. Please contact our consultant for more details.


This solution is available for HubSpot CRM and Hubspot Marketing Free/Starter/Professional/Enterprise version. The paid version of HubSpot Marketing in the solution can achieve more.  Contact us for more details and support.

According to the number of the users of WeChat Official Account which connects to Parllay, we charges a gradient fee for annual use, which only costs 350 yuan per month.

We offer flexible operational options. Usually, customers can use HubSpot after completing the integration. At the same time, customers can choose to use the two platforms at the same time to achieve more functions, such as in-depth analysis of Wechat data, menu management and QR code management.

Most of the cases do not need, we provide a very standard configuration process, and the first initialization of configuration services. Only 30-60 minutes you need to complete the integration of HubSpot-Wechat. It is very easy for marketing personnel to operate and use.

Let's talk about how Parllay can help you better understand WeChat