Customer Relationship Management, CRM was initially developed in United States. The concept was originally brought by Gartner Group. In early 1980 there was Contact Management, to collect all information in-between client and company communication. Till 1990 it has transformed into Customer Care including telephone support center as well as data analysis.

Customer Service or Customer Care is one of the core links of CRM

T hrough integration with Tencent WeChat official software “Duokefu”, it has a complete industrial level customer service based on WeChat official account.

Duokefu function is available for all certified Service and Subscription accounts and allowing up to 100 customer representatives be online at the same time; can be logged in on both PC and mobile devices to delivery customer services. Customized add-ons could be developed based on Duokefu which allows in-depth personalized services for companies to satisfy user needs.

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  • randy sisson says:

    Does your CRM run in the English language? We are a US based company, and are not retail/sales oriented, but we have several hundred contacts and partners in China that we frequently utilize Wechat for communications, and need to drive that communication through a CRM platform.

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