Here I am | “Michelin Passenger Car Tyre” Official WeChat Has Arrived!

Here I am, to witness the “Fast and Furious” on the racing track with you together;
Here I am, to share everything about driving safe on the road;
Here I am, to answer any question and confusion you have about tyre;
I have brought professional and precise knowledge,
I have brought an attitude of tyre & automobile care,
I, deserve your attention because you will find more…

Have prepared 20 exclusive Mr. Michelin Emoji! Not only will I present the agility and energetic side of me but also for the first time show you the cute and thoughtful side of me as well. Download now and see if I am the legit "most thoughtful Emoji King"...


Brand-new Michelin WeChat Media Launches in 2015

BlueDoor Digital Shanghai has won the Michelin China social marketing pitch – Recently after multiple rounds of competition BlueDoor Digital Shanghai has won the most business of Michelin China – the social marketing of Passenger car and Light truck tyre and has decided to cooperate with Parllay Fenghuotai as its WeChat CRM support platform.

There were lots of discussion on social media taking about Michelin even before any official social media account was announced, many cooperative automobile brands were happily broadcasting how they decided to implement Michelin tyre regardless of the cost to increase drivability; and customers were having a blast doing Mr. Michelin “imitation show”. As the magnate of tyre industry (and the most important accessory of automobile) Michelin has felt the increasing market potential since the amount of passenger car is getting higher smoothly and the customer influence on tyre change, Michelin has decided to look for a closer communication platform to consumers in order to shorten the distance between Michelin and consumers.

In early 2015, Michelin passenger car tyre has been establishing cross social channel communication platform through Weibo, WeChat, Car Owner Community, WIKI, Video and etc. On March, 2015 Michelin announced its official account on both Weibo and WeChat by the “Here I Am” social marketing activity and has caused a “tyre fever” on those social media platforms allowing automobile accessory facing billions of consumers directly which initiated the social era of automobile post-market.